Lotek feat. Daddy Speedo “This is…The Rebirth Of Rude” (2020)

The first single, and title track from the forthcoming album. This track is an ode to all the reggae artists I grew up listening to.

Lotek “Analog-a-Riddims Vol.1” Mixtape (2020)

Lotek feat. Spikey Tee “Rebel Hi-Fi” (2011)

The track started off as an interlude on the first draft of “International Rudeboy”, it eventually got added as a bonus track to the UK version. It eventually got released as a single complete with remixes and now has well over 1.5million plays on Spotify.

Lotek “International Rudeboy” UK Version (2011)

Lotek “The Rudest” (2011)

Lotek “International Rudeboy” Australian Version (2010)

Lotek “Ctrl.Alt.Delete” (2010)

Kidkanevil feat. Lotek “A.S.B.O.” (2008)

Released on First Word

Lotek “Go” (2007)

Recorded while on tour in Eastern Europe and Australia featuring collaborations with Artists from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Martinique, Ghana and Australia

Roots Manuva feat. Lotek “Move Ya Loin” from Awfully Deep (2005)

After working with Roots Manuva for more than 10 years, it occurred to me I’d never actually featured on a track. So we put this track together to correct that. The label decided to call it “Move Ya Loin” but I wanted to call it “Engbadeng”.

Lotek Hi-Fi feat. Roots Manuva “Move Your Thing” (2005)

2 Years after the launch of iTunes, sales of vinyl singles had dropped and the label was hesitant to press vinyl. So I suggested they put it out as a download-only release. The label refused at first, saying that if it wasn’t going to be a “proper release” then they didn’t want to do a single at all. That’s right back in December 2005 the idea of a download-only single was laughable, the label eventually went ahead with it (probably just to shut me up) and it became Ninjatune/Big Dada’s first download-only release. Just 3 months later the Gnarls Barkley single “Crazy” became the first single to reach number 1 in the UK with download sales alone, and download only releases suddenly became a “proper release”.

Lotek Hi-Fi “Mixed Blessings” (2005)

The Debut album, finally!

Lotek Hi-Fi “Mixtape Blessings” (2005)

This mixtape was released in the run-up to the release of ”Mixed Blessings”.

Lotek Hi-Fi “Lotek Hi-Fi” (2003)

The Debut Lotek Hi-Fi album “Mixed Blessings” was due for release in November 2003, and was almost ready, but not quite. Big Dada told me that if I missed the deadline the next window would be sometime in 2005 as they had other releases scheduled that were ready. Rather than miss our slot altogether I pulled a series of all-nighters and put together a 9 track album in under a week. It featured “Percolator” along with a few songs that had been left off “Mixed Blessings”

Lotek Hi-Fi “Percolator” (2003)

The follow-up to Ram Dancehall, was just as well received. It was again released on a limited edition 7″ and sold out within a week. The record was even featured in Vogue magazine as an “essential fashion item”!

Lotek Hi-Fi “Ram Dancehall” (2003)

Aurelius joined Lotek Hi-Fi shortly after the release of Extra Yard and immediately established himself as key part of the group’s sound. Our debut single, “Ram Dancehall”, would not have sounded the same without him. The song was released on a limited edition 7″ and all the copies pressed were sold within a week.

Lotek Hi-Fi “Fire” from Big Dada Compilation Extra Yard (2002)

This is the first track from Lotek HiFi, at the time the line up featured me alongside, Earl J and Wayne Paul.

Lotek & 3rd Stream “The Bubbla”/”Think What You Will” (2002)

Recorded at released just following the end of the Roots Manuva UK and European tours, this was my first release as a vocalist.